Why Shopify Plus Beats Magento

//Why Shopify Plus Beats Magento

Why Shopify Plus Beats Magento

Although Magento is known for its remarkable performance as far as e-commerce is concerned, there are some essential features that it lacks. For once, many new online entrepreneurs go for Shopify because it provides them with precisely what they need. Other than this fact, here are some more reason why Shopify is better than Magento;

  • Shopify offers to host for your store

When you enroll for a Shopify account, everything you need you will find on your dashboard thanks to the fact that they will host your store. The advantage of this is that your store will be more secure since it is hosted on servers that are designed for e-commerce. By hosting your store, Shopify plus reduces the cost of investment on your shop. With magneto, you will have to pay for hosting separately, and the worst part is you will also be required to invest in your store security.

  • User-friendly interface

Shopify plus is one of those platforms that you can easily install and use. With a 14 day free trial period that comes with Shopify plus, you can find yourself understanding the platform within the first five days. The simplicity of this software makes many new online entrepreneurs to avoid Magento. Shopify also comes with pre-designed designs for your shop that you can use or decide to customize to bring out the real face of your online store.

  • Cheap and easy to customize

Since you may need to make a few changes here and there on your platform, Shopify plus is designed to make the whole process easy. By doing so, you can build a fully customized management system for your online business. By just downloading and installing apps, the process is straightforward. For Magento, the cost of these apps usually is high making customization expensive though it is possible. Relatively, it is more complicated to customize with Magento, and you might need to hire an expert for the job.

  • Customer care

While Shopify plus has a 24/7 support system for their customers, magneto runs a community-based customer support system which is slower.


The fact that Shopify plus beats Magento with some features, it does not mean that Shopify does not have weaknesses over Magento. However, it is crucial to note that both platforms have a reputation for generating millions of money for online entrepreneurs. The truth is they cannot be entirely similar because they focus their developments on different issues.

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